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[Chadzelek and Hotz, 1999]
T. Chadzelek and G. Hotz. Analytic machines. Theoretical Computer Science, 219:151-167, 1999.

[Hotz and Gamkrelidze, 1998]
G. Hotz and A. Gamkrelidze. A note on the addition of m k-bit numbers. 1998. (Gzipped PostScript, 5 pages, 36822 bytes)
We give a method to construct a parallel adder of m k-bit numbers based on the school method of addition. As a result, we get a parallel adder with depth 1 log(n) + 12 and hardware cost k m. We apply our method to develop a parallel multiplier with asymptotical depth c log n and hardware cost n2

[Scholl et al., 1997b]
C. Scholl, St. Melchior, G. Hotz, and P. Molitor. Minimizing ROBDD sizes of incompletely specified functions by exploiting strong symmetries. In Proceedings of the European Design and Test Conference 1997, March 1997. (Gzipped PostScript, 6 pages, 98429 bytes)

[Schieffer and Hotz, 1996]
Björn Schieffer and Günter Hotz. Fault diagnosis in heterogeneous complex systems. In Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference On Concurrent Engineering & Electronic Design Automation, CEE96, 1996. (Compressed PostScript, 6 pages, 104053 bytes)
In this paper a new approach for the diagnosis problem of complex heterogeneous systems is presented. It needs no linearization of the system and allows arbitrary influences between the subsystems, while this is not the case for many approaches in literature. As a domain example, ballast tanks in offshore plants are used.

[Hartmann et al., 1995]
J. Hartmann, G. Hotz, R. Loos, R. Marzinkewitsch, J. Quapp, F. Weigel, and A. Weber. The ``optical formula recognition'' system for handprinted input. J. Symbolic Computation, 11:1-8, 10 March 1995. (Gzipped PostScript, 8 pages, 81671 bytes)

[Hotz et al., 1995]
Günter Hotz, Gero Vierke, and Börn Schieffer. Analytic machines. Technical Report TR95-025, Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity, 1995. (Compressed PostScript, 23 pages, 94493 bytes)
In this paper the R-machines defined by Blum, Shub and Smale are generalized by allowing infinite convergent computations. The description of real numbers is infinite. Therefore, considering arithmetic operations on real numbers should also imply infinite computations on analytic machines. We prove that R -computable functions are Q -analytic. We show that R-machines extended by finite sets of strong analytic operations are still Q -analytic. The halting problem of the analytic machines contains the stability problem of dynamic systems. It follows with well known methods that this problem is not analytical decidable. This is in a sense a stronger result as the numerical undecidable stability in the theory of Kolmogoroff, Arnold and Moser. Keywords: R -computability, stability, approximation

[Burch et al., 1994]
T. Burch, J. Hartmann, G. Hotz, M. Krallmann, U. Nikolaus, S.M. Reddy, and U. Sparmann. A hierarchical enviroment for interactive test engineering. In Proceedings of the International Test Conference 1994, pages 461-470, 1994.

[Hotz and Pitsch, 1994a]
G. Hotz and G. Pitsch. Fast uniform analysis of coupled context free grammars. In Proceedings of the 21th International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programing, LNCS 820, pages 412-423. Springer Verlag, 1994.

[Hotz and Pitsch, 1994b]
G. Hotz and G. Pitsch. A representation theorem for coupled context free grammars. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Semigroups, Automata and Languages, pages 88-92, 1994.

[Hotz, 1993]
G. Hotz. Search Trees and Search Graphs for Markov Sources. EIK Journal of Information Processing and Cybernetics, 29:283-292, 1993.

[Hotz et al., 1991]
G. Hotz, P. Molitor, and W. Zimmer. On the construction of very large integer multipliers. In Proceedings of EURO ASIC 91, pages 266-269, May 1991.

[Becker et al., 1990]
B. Becker, Th. Burch, G. Hotz, D. Kiel, R. Kolla, P. Molitor, H. G. Osthof, G. Pitsch, and U. Sparmann. A graphical system for hierarchical specifications and checkups of VLSI circuits. In Proceedings of the 1st European Design Automation Conference (EDAC90), pages 174-179, 1990.

[Becker and Hotz, 1987]
B. Becker and G. Hotz. On the optimal layout of planar graphs with fixed boundary. SIAM Journal on Computing, 16(5), October 1987.

[Becker et al., 1987a]
B. Becker, G. Hotz, R. Kolla, P. Molitor, and H.G. Osthof. CADIC - Ein System zum hierarchischen Entwurf integrierter Schaltungen. In Tagungsband des 3-ten E.I.S.-Workshops, pages 235-245, 1987.

[Becker et al., 1987b]
B. Becker, G. Hotz, R. Kolla, P. Molitor, and H.G. Osthof. Hierarchical design based on a calculus of nets. In Proceedings of the 24th ACM/IEEE Design Automation Conference (DAC87), pages 649-653, June 1987.

[Becker et al., 1986]
B. Becker, G. Hotz, R. Kolla, and P. Molitor. Ein logisch topologischer Kalkül zur Konstruktion von integrierten Schaltkreisen. INFORMATIK, FORSCHUNG & ENTWICKLUNG, 1(1,2):38-47,72-82, 1986.

[Hotz et al., 1986]
G. Hotz, R. Kolla, and P. Molitor. On network algebras and recursive functions. In Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Graph Grammars and Their Applications to Computer Science, LNCS 291, pages 250-261. Springer Verlag, 1986.

[Becker-Groh and Hotz, 1984]
U. Becker-Groh and G. Hotz. Ein Planaritätstest für planar-konvexe Grapheinbettungen mit linearer Komplexität. Beiträge zur Algebra und Geometrie, 18:191-200, 1984.

[Hotz, 1966]
G. Hotz. Eindeutigkeit und Mehrdeutigkeit formaler Sprachen. EIK Journal of Information Processing and Cybernetics, 2:235-246, 1966.

[Hotz, 1965]
G. Hotz. Eine Algebraisierung des Syntheseproblems für Schaltkreise. EIK Journal of Information Processing and Cybernetics, 1:185-205,209-231, 1965.

[Hotz, 1962]
G. Hotz. Einbettung von Streckenkomplexen in die Ebene. Mathematische Annalen, 167:214-223, 1962.

[Hotz, 1961]
G. Hotz. Zur Reduktionstheorie der booleschen Algebra. In Colloquium über Schaltkreis- und Schaltwerk-Theorie (1960). mbox Birkhäuser Verlag, 1961.